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Replica watches are big business on the internet, but why do people buy them and are they legal? We live in an age where people feel the need to impress their peers by dressing breitling superocean in the latest fashion, sporting designer goods and looking "cool."

This peer pressure leads to people having desires beyond their means, resulting in a huge global xafs for look-alike goods. Wherever there is a need there is a xafs and a xafs provides the opportunity for profit.

The counterfeit goods industry is huge and global, with manufacturing centered on low cost countries, where labor is cheap, health and safety non-existent and legal issues ignored. The manufacture and sale of replica watches is illegal and by its very nature involves criminality.

If production exists within countries outside the reach of normal policing, the distribution networks certainly do not and therefore wholesaling and retailing are invariably controlled by criminal organizations.

Although buying a replica, fake, copy breitling superocean or counterfeit watch over the internet or from a xafs stall may appear to be harmless, it is important to consider whose pocket the profits end up in and who are the losers.

All over the world law enforcement agencies are involved in a fight against criminals who will stop at nothing in pursuit of financial gain. In many cases these people are involved in a range of criminal activities including drugs, prostitution, people trafficking and counterfeit goods. Do you want to finance these activities by wearing a fake watch?

So it is your choice:

You can be a fake, buy a counterfeit watch and fund the underworld.
Buy a genuine watch within your means at the local mall.
Shop at any of the reputable online watch dealers, make big savings and be the proud owner of the genuine article.

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